Monday, January 21

Sp open Schedule

Hello once again guys!

<< Schedule of Programmes & important things to take note >>

1) Reporting time:
-7.15am at Dover MRT gantries. Event starts at 8.00am sharp (Pls don't be late). In case u're late do give me a call!

2) Attire:
-As u can see from the picture << pls follow the attire.
Strictly NO FBT short pants for girls

3) For archers that are not involve in this competition, it is compulsory/ highly encourage for your to come down & support your mates. As there will be no training this coming Saturday.

4) For Archers that are competing remember to bring your STUDENT ID for registration

5) Archers that are competing & need any stuffs like nock, vain etcs.. Pls message me the details so i can inform Coach about it.

<< Brief schedule on what's going on for the day >>

Day 1:
Morning sessions scoring for Novice and Open Categories
Afternoon sessions scoring for Standard and Intermediate Categories

Day 2:
Morning sessions Start of Individual Elimination Event 
Afternoon sessions Team Elimination Event
Evening prize presentations

Alright this is the final push for coming Sp open! Let's do it!
If we are facing in the right direction,
All we have to do is keep on walking.