Monday, March 8

Archers who are going for the chalet later , meet 2pm and Vivo city , outside the entrance to sentosa , and for those who wanna buy tidbits , drinks or stuff , meet 12pm at Harbour front mrt. Bring more sets of clothes as we will be swimming , going to the beach , and night cycling . This is compulsory to all archers without attachments. Coach demand all to come >=|

Anyway , good job people though we didn't win the overall champion , but at least we got second in place even though we had so little time to train. Those who win , good job and keep it up. And those who didn't , there will always be new opportunities. And really good job to Tong Aun , wining his first Medal which marks the start of his reign, and the novice guys and girls who pawn today. Good job people.