Thursday, March 20

Plan for this Holiday

Hi Archers,

Hope that you are enjoying your holidays. Do read and take note of the dates & details carefully.

1) Saturday 22th March CIP 
Reporting time: 0800
Venue: Field
Attire: Competition tee

If you have not informed Gail that you are coming down, please do so.
There will be training on 22th after CIP, so please bring your bow along.

2) Tuesday 25th March will be Empire camp
Reporting time: 1300
Venue: NPCC (but meet at store first)
Attire: Competition tee

There will be no training on 25th.

3) Every Tuesday & Thursday we will be having bow training 
Reporting time: 1500-1800
Venue: Study area
Attire: Training tee

Do note that we still have to train for upcoming POL-ITE. So please attend training if possible. (If you are not coming, i would expect a message to be sent to any of the captains & coach)

4) Every Saturday training will be confirmed again. Most likely we will be shooting at another field

5) 5th April, Coach is hosting a housewarming. So if you are coming down, please do send me a text by latest 31th March.

6) If you are going overseas this holiday, also do inform me when and where, and when you will be back for training. Please do send me a text by latest 31th March.