Tuesday, March 1

NTU Invitational 2016

Hi archers!

Here are a few things to take note of, and also to update you on the upcoming NTU IAC held on 5-6th March.

 1) Reporting time on 5th March would be 7.15am SHARP

2) Compound team open will be cancelled due to a lack of sign ups. However, the remaining compound archers without teams to be randomly teamed up (mixed institutions).

3) Lucky draws will be conducted at random timings throughout the 2-day event. Student ID have to be presented to collect the prize.

4) It will be single detail, shooting with a maximum of 3 archers per board.

5)  The Best Distance will be calculated based on the final scores for a total of two ranking rounds.

6) There would also be an unofficial scoring via the digi-flip chart

7) In the morning, the sun will be facing towards you while you are shooting.

8) *This is the schedule for competition days:

Morning session: Recurve Open and Recurve Novice
Afternoon session: Compound Open and Recurve Intermediate


9) Attire would be 2015 POL-ITE jersey including the shorts given.