Thursday, February 1

cca points!

this is just to inform all of you (esp the seniors) that all the cca points have already been added. for those in the committee, the points given are regarded as when Yew Teck is still the president as the AGM is not held yet. (eg: I am still regarded as a secretary etc.)

Open House points are given by SDAR, so i have no power who do and who do not receive it.

Red Camp points are give to those who submit their names and receive the excuse letters.

Those who are in the committee will receive the management committee points and not Members points. The points have been keyed in for the last semester and this current one.

NUS and NTU points have been given (finally.)

any queries, please tell me asap before the account is closed and i cant add uncredited cca points. and dun bother lying to me, cause i have all the records of the cca points that i have given. (=

the AAS points have not been keyed in yet. so please be patient. (=

- emy*