Wednesday, February 28

NUS Open

Hi all,

The NUS open competition is held on the 11th March(Sunday) at the NUS Stadium. Registration fee is $25 dollars each and all of you will have to PAY YOUR OWN registration fees.

Pls find your own way to NUS Stadium. In case you guys haven't been there before, the stadium is just beside AYE Expressway. It is a one day event and lunch will be provided for the day.

Some information about the competition:

Awards: Top 5 placing for knockout phase or individual ranking for each category
Best distance for each category
Top 3 placing for team event for each category.

ALL ARCHERS that are participating, YOU are to train at 3rd and 4th of March at FAAC.
Training will start at exactly 9 AM SHARP. Pls be there early to set up your equipment and do your own necessary warm up.

For this saturday's training(3rd march), you are required to bring 9 working arrows and label them from 1 to 9. These arrows are needed so as to do the pyramid training.

Next, you are to find yourself a buddy to give morning calls so that you will not be late for both training and the competition. Pls EMAIL HAN WEI your name and your buddy's name by latest 8th March. His email is as follows <>

Pls bring your registration fees on 3rd March and pass them to rasmi.

Pls take note of what you are doing, the committee will take actions very soon if this problem still persist.

Pls send the information requested above asap. Thanks.

-Bi Ling (: