Saturday, April 14

recruitment drive

Hey guys,

A few things to take note for the CCA recruitment drive this coming Mon, Tues and Wed.

1. Those people who had won medals during compt, pls bring the medals & trophies tmr to the booth.
- Silie, benji, han wei, brandon, emy, thiness, rami, hui zhen, jia lin & others

2. Those with metal bows/compound bows pls bring down ur bows for the cca display at the booth on mon, tues, wed

-Silie, benji, eddy, jia lin, florence, brandon, rasmi, lionel, boon chong

3. Attire for the cca fiesta, NP archery jersey/ maroon club tshirt

4. Those station at the booth for duty, pls come down early for briefing tmr at 0830 by Rasmi and Thiness.

5. Someone pls volunteer to bring down ur laptop for the cca booth....

Tmr those bringing the bow down for the display, pls inform Rasmi what time/ day you bring down the bows

Rasmi will be at the booth tmr at 0815- Pls drop by the booth to pass her the medals and tropies for the booth display....

The booth is under the convention centre. Please do come down whenever you're free to help out. (:

-Bi Ling