Monday, May 28

Potong Pasir competition

Dear Junior archers,

I need your details so i can send you for the Potong Pasir Competition

These are the names that are going for the Potong Pasir competition for first timers:

  1. Muhd Haziq
  2. Izwan
  3. Edi
  4. Wei Jun
  5. Chun Jun
  6. Nicholas Au
  7. Zhong Hao
  8. Jesslyn
  9. Grace
  10. Diana
  11. Meng Lan

I need you guys to sms me(97721225) in this format: Full Name, NRIC number, and HP number

I will need the names by tomorrow- Tuesday and also the competition fee-$5. If i do not get the sms and the money on tuesday, i will assume that you are not going.

Bow Orders

Dear Juniors ,

To date i have taken 9 orders for bow sets. Coach George has given me a quotation of $145 for the entire set excluding the arrows. Here are the details:

  1. 25 inch riser(cybow)
  2. Cartel sight
  3. Internature Limbs
  4. Arrow rest
  5. Dacron string
  6. T-gauge
  7. Stringer

These are the items you will recieve in 3 weeks time. Total price for all of the above is $145.

In order for the above equipment to arrive in 3 week's time, i will need all 9 persons to pay $100 as a deposit to Coach George, which means to say i need to have $900 for the ordered equipment this Tuesday. Failing which,I can't promise if the bow will come in 3 weeks.

NUS Indoor Competition

Here are the list of archers that i will be sending for the NUS indoor competition.

Compound- Eddy

Team 1- Guan Zhao 222, Guan Hao 219, Wei Long 212

Team 2- Bi Ling 142, Grace Chan (junior), Hui Zhen 150

Recurve Open

Team 1 -Rasmi 260, Benjamin 252, Silie (Korea)

Team 2 - Brandon 229, JiaLin 212, Lionel 207

Team 3 - Hanwei 188, Han Loon 210, Thiness Kumar**

Individual Open
Hanwei 188
Han Loon 210

Those names that are mentioned above, i will need you all to read the rules - HERE