Sunday, May 20

Dear Junior Archers,

I will need to confirm the bow orders on this tuesday's and thursday's training. Please come down to confirm your order, otherwise you will have to wait another 2 months to get your equipment. For those who ordered, the waiting time will be approx 3weeks- things are being shipped in from Korea.

I understand that some of you went to look for Coach Jaffar to ask abt the comfirmation of equipment, i ask of you not to go and bother him about this because i will be the one in charge of the list. Jaffar is a busy man, please do not go ask him about such matters. If there is anything you would wish to clarifly, the first person you should ask is the captains or the seniors, after which we would than refer you to president or coach if the question is unresolved. That is the correct way of going about.

This Sat- 26th may is the trial, please come for the weekdays training , and train hard. I will be there on both days (tues and thurs) to guide you guys, those who are really interested can also stay back after training on saturdays. I always stay back to train, if you need me to guide, i will be more than happy to.