Thursday, May 24

For the benefit of those Juniors, i would like to share some useful information on proper dietary habits before competition. This Saturday is the trial and I would like everyone to take note of what you are eating.

There are some food that i recommend not to eat before competition like :

  1. Food with a lot of chili ,( if can try to avoid chili as far as possible, they are archer's worst enemy . To some people, it affect the nerves and hence sometimes you accidentally release upon anchoring. )
  2. Coffee, (contains caffeine and like chili, it affects the nerves)
  3. Oily food, (it makes you sleepy)
Those that i have written up there are the more important food to avoid.

Next what i am going to take about is the food that will benefit you. Before competition, your body must be 'filled' up. Just like going for a marathon, you need sufficient fluid in your body and also, proteins and carbohydrates .

I would like to emphasize on proteins. It is proven that excess protein comes out as urine, therefore so take it moderately. After a hard day's work, it is always wise to take proteins so that your muscles can recover fast. It'll make you tougher-more resistance.

It is recommended by Jaffar to take more carbo like rice, noodles about 4 hours before competition. This is because the carbs are converted to glucose which is in the form of sugar. Do not belittle this form of sugar, because this sugar gives you energy in archery, when you are in the competition.

This is how is goes, your body first taps into the protein in your liver which is what you eat beforehand like the rice and noodles. After that it taps into your blood [there is glucose in blood too] and lastly it taps into your fats for energy, but when it taps into your fats, you're already half dead.

The protein in your liver can sustain you effectively about 3hrs before you start wearing out hence it is vital to 'stock' up your body every now and then during the competition, with items such as granola bars and fruits. Don't forget sport drinks e.g. H2O, 100 plus, etc.

There was an experiment done by the Health Promotion Board for the amount of fluid a person must take, and the rate of water lost in an athlete. When a person takes in water, the amount of fluid lost is about 90%. It exits in the form of urine and sweat. But when you take sports drink like H20, you lose only about 40% of your intake. This means that sport drinks help to retain more fluid in your body. You wouldn't want to be going to the toilet every 30mins during the competition right? This is because sport drinks has sodium, and sodium helps to retain the fluid in your body for a longer period of time.

If you have more questions, you can ask me =)