Wednesday, June 20

Dear Ngee Ann Archers,

I have worked out the price for the arrows with the dealer already. Please bring $87 on saturday. $85 for the arrows and $2 to contribute as club fund for the service - helping you to get the arrows at a low price.

You will be recieving nocks (which is the end of the arrow where you 'click' it onto your string), the points and the shaft. It will not come with the fletches ( the rubber 'feather' that comes in many different colours). Note: Everything will come in a dozen.

The fletches are sold at $16/100pcs.If you want to buy in lesser quantity, you can go to Coach George. It comes in 100, therefore i will suggest you guys to share among yourselves. Perhaps each of you can buy different colours and exchange them and use them for your index fletch. You can borrow the school's arrow jig to 'glue' the fletch onto your shaft. If you have anything that you are unsure of, you can ask any of the seniors in the club when they have time. I am sure they are more than willing to help =)

The arrows will come as soon as everyone pays as a club, the dealer is very prompt in delievring the items. So rest assured, no 2 weeks of waiting. Lastly,Coach George still owe some of you your stringers; he is back in singapore. I will try to ask him for it.

p.s - hanwei and han loon are really good at fletching arrows*