Monday, June 4

an email from Coach George

Hi all,

as you are aware we are moving out of the CHIJ BT Range (sigh......) by this weekend. Our new home will be at the Zhenghua Range until I find a more suitable site. After this weekend (June 10), we will no longer be at CHIJ Range so please remove all your stuff by then .

The young archers are organising a small farewell to IJ get together cum barbecue on 09 June at 5 pm to 7 pm. We have decided to cater in and you only need pay a subsidised charge of $5 per person. FAAC will pay for the balance. Please advise if you are coming by replying to Jeremy at

Harry - please inform your NJC archers.
Hanwei - please advise your NP archers
Lena - please advise your PJC archers

More information will be provided during the gathering about FAAC future plans.