Sunday, June 24

How to Fix your Points into your Shatfs

Dear all,

For those of you who bought your arrows, here's a DIY list. Just follow the instructions and i am sure you will be shooting on Tuesday.

  1. Prepare the items : your points( a.k.a arrow heads), hot melt glue(you can find this in any DIY store ), fire(you can use your house stove though).
  2. First, you heat the stick of hot melt at the tip (btw it comes in sticks, if you're getting it in other forms, it is probably the wrong one).
  3. Here's the tricky part, you are supposed you use your fingers to hold the tip of the point (the sharp part) and wrap the other end with a layer of glue.
  4. Before the glue hardens again, you quickly push it into the shaft.
  5. The excess glue will roll up and you can remove it when it dries by just pulling it.
  6. But if you were not successful in pushing the point in when it is still in liquid form, you can re-heat the point. Bare in mind to reheat the point , not the shaft, because you will damage the quality of the arrows. Once you reheat the point, than you push it all the way in. By now, you should have your points into your shafts.
If there is anything, you can call your respective seniors that are in charge of you.

P.S: You should be having your senior's number.