Thursday, June 28


Dear NP archers,

There are a few things to take note for this Saturday's training.
  • Our training venue has been moved to Zhenghua Range from this Saturday onwards, which is located right beside SEGAR LRT station.
  • Warm up will start at 9.30am sharp; SENIORS are to reach the range by 9am.
  • Training will be extended till 2.30pm, which includes a lunch break (12pm to 1pm), for all competitive archers.
  • All archers are to bring their water bottle along.
  • All Juniors are to wear white shirt and black/dark blue short with running shoes for all Saturday's trainings.
  • Girls, please bring an extra shirt in case of rain, preferably dark-coloured.
  • Those who have not fully paid for their equipment yet, please do so by this Saturday.
  • For those who are assigned to bring the school equipment, please remember to bring them.

Thank you.

* As the nearest "usable" toliet is about 400m away from the range, so maybe you guys will like to pee and poo before training starts. :)