Thursday, August 30

Dear NP archers,

Regarding to this weekend's NTU Open/Pesta Sukan Competition,

  • Novice class and Standard class archers are to report at Zheng Hua National Range by 7.40am sharp.
  • Fita 900 archers and supporters are to report at the range by 9am.
  • Team members are to give each other morning call before you leave for the competition.

Late comers without valid reason may be suspend from competing in the Inter-School competition.

All other non-competing archers are to be down at the range to support those who are competing.

Strictly covered shoes ONLY! NO slippers/sandals. All competing archers are to come in the green/blue jersey on both Saturday and Sunday(If the team is qualified for the Team Event). Other non-competing archers may come in any NP Archery club shirt.

For Saturday, competing archers may come in either black track pants or black/dark blue shorts. Sunday, all competing archers are to come in black/dark blue shorts ONLY!

Ladies please bring along the black camp T-Shirt in case of rainy day.

The organizer is emphasising on the rules on attire:

  • Shorts or skirts may not be shorter than the athlete’s fingertips when the arms and fingers are extended at the athlete’s side, nor longer than the top of the athlete’s kneecap. No denim jeans or oversize, baggy or cargo type pants or shorts may be worn on the field of play (FOP).
  • All athletes and coaches must wear proper footwear (e.g. sport shoes) at all times during the tournament (no dress shoes, sandals, or other open toe shoes).

Lunch will be provided on Sunday only, so archers please take your meal before you come for the competition. Archers are advised to bring some energy bars and drinks. The $1 dollar collected will be spend on some bananas and drinks.

Saturday's event will end around 7pm, and Sunday will be around 3pm.

Archers' individual detail number and target board number will be let known to you on Saturday.

Any questions you may call/sms me at 98232845.

Good Shooting =)