Sunday, August 26

Dear NP archers,

A reminder for Monday's training, please come at 9am sharp and have all your equipments ready like fletching of arrows and etc. The training will start off with the selection trial for the Poly-ITE competition on 6th Oct, then lunch break, follow by a few sets of shooting. Training will end around 3pm.

As for the trial details, please scroll down and check the previous entries.

Archers who are holding on to the school's fletching jigs, please bring them down tomorrow and try to reach early, as many other archers need to use the jigs too.

Tuesday training, since the school field was booked by the NPSU from 10am to 1pm, so we will try to shoot from 9 to 10, then have some bow training, chit-chat session and lunch break, then resume shooting again from 1pm to 3pm.

Wednesday training, since its holiday so don't wanna make you guys wake up so early everyday, so training will starts at 9.30am and end around 3pm.

Thursday training will be the same as Wednesday's training, from 9.30am to 3pm.

Friday, there will only be some sighter shoot, equipments inspection and briefing on the competition details. No Training. It will end around 12pm.

Saturday and Sunday will be the NTU Open/Pesta Sukan Competition.

All archers who are selected for the NTU Open shoot are to attend all the trainings, otherwise, pls inform me. And for archers who are not participating in this competition, you are still welcome to join the rest for any of the trainings. =)

Lastly, archers who had not pay up for their competition fees, please do so by Monday. Committee members who had ordered the ex-com shirt, please also bring the money tomorrow. Thank you.

See you guys soon =)

Happy Shooting!