Sunday, August 12

Dear Np archers

These are the finalised teams for the coming Pesta Sukan competition.

Fita 900 Teams

  • Chai Han Loon
  • Benjamin Chua Bok Keng
  • Tan Si Lie


  • Yeo Hui Zhen
  • Hong Jia Lin
  • Rasmi Bte Abdul Karim

Standard Teams


  • Shawn Chua
  • Edi Kurniawan
  • Derrick Sng Zhi Chuan


  • Ong Sui Guang Ranier
  • Chan Guan Hao
  • Ting Guan Zhao


  • Pay Boon Chong
  • Lim Chun Jun
  • Danny Lim Wee Heng


  • Tin Zi Jie
  • Tan Yan Zhi
  • Nyamsuren Batnaran

Novice Teams


  • Muhd Haziq
  • Koh Jun Jie Jason
  • Chow Mun Tat


  • Hoong Wei Long
  • Benjamin Liew
  • Wong Zhong Hao


  • Loo Yan Hui
  • Danny Chang SS
  • Kenneth Toh


  • Chua Yao Wei
  • Edward Koo KW
  • Alvin Lim JH


  • Stacy Chan SH
  • Lim Yi Shan
  • Nordiana Bte Akmal


  • Goh Hui Fang
  • Grace Chan WT
  • Siti Nurul'ain Binte Hamdan

Archers please check through your name, if there is any spelling error please let me know asap. I will be submitting the list by Tuesday morning. If there are more archers who will like to take part, please let me know by Monday night.

All the food will be Halal, if there is any vegetarian please let me know asap too.

Archers may get to me through - 98232845

School Training will resume on 25th Aug and intensive trainings will be conducted the week after. All training are compulsory for all archers who are participating. If anyone are still having their exam, please inform any of the captains.

As for the competition fee, please pay them during the 25th Aug training. The fees are listed in the previous entry.

Remember to do your own training.

Thanks and all the best for all your papers! =)

Good Shooting