Thursday, August 16

Hi Archers

Sorry for the late posting, some details for the Poly-ITE competition 2007, which will be held on 6th Oct.

The distance for this competition are:

  • Standard - 30m(122cm) and 30m(80cm)
  • C-Class - 50m(122cm) and 30m(80cm)
  • Open Recurve - double 70m(122cm)

There are limited number of teams each school are allow to send. And the selection trial for this competition will be on 27/08/07 (Monday), 9am in school due to the registration dealine, by 1st Sept.

Some details for the coming NTU Open(Pesta Sukan) Competition

Date: 1st and 2nd of Sept 2007

Venue: Zheng Hua National Range

Day 1 - Qualifiying Rounds for Novice, Standard(morning) and Recurve Fita 900(afternoon) category

Day 2 - Recurve Fita 900 Individual Elimination rounds, Novice, Standard and Recurve Fita 900 Team Elimination rounds

Reporting time: 7.20am sharp at Zheng Hua National Range on both days

Note: Only the top 8 Teams of each category will enter into the Team Elimination rounds. And only the top 8 archers of Recurve Fita 900 category will enter into the Individual Elimination rounds. There will be no Individual Elimination rounds for Novice and Standard category.

Lunch will be provided on the second day.

All archers are requires to stay through out the whole day to support each other. Day 1 will end around 7pm, Day 2 around 5pm.

Thanks and good luck for your Exams =)