Tuesday, September 18

Dear brothers and sisters in Archery,

There will be fellowship gathering at Silie's house this coming Monday(24th Sept ).For those who do not know, his house is at the far side of Jurong, near NTU , in fact it is just beside NTU. This is to celebrate the Mooncake Festival but of course we're not gonna eat just mooncakes and drink tea. Instead, we are going to have a BBQ sort of thing.

Shawn has kindly volunteered to help me confirm the attendance. Please sms Shawn if you are coming, his number is at the bottem of this post.

I will need to know the number of people coming for this by Friday (21th Sept) so that i can get the chicken wings, otah that sort of thing. This doesn't come free =p , each of the people are to contribute $10. Money will be collected on Saturday's training.

Here are the people helping out:
  1. Shawn- 90256517 "confirmation of attendance"
  2. Derrick- 90097198 " EAT"
I am looking for someone to organize some games, if you feel that you have a good idea or someone great at games , feel free to give me a call. You can get your friends to help you out with this. P.s:this is important don't hesitate to try something out of the box =)

This is a cute retro i came across yesterday, thought it might bring some life here. Ring Ring. I probably would get chided for putting this up =p

Till we meet again on saturday,