Sunday, September 2

Hi NP archers

Congrats to all the winners. Everyone did a really great job for this NTU Open/Pesta Sukan. =)

As for those who didn't manage to perform as well, don't worry, there are still many more other competitions coming up.

There will be this SAFRA 18m outdoor shoot on the 22nd to 23rd September, held at SAFRA Tampines Clubhouse. We will be sending a few archers there, but you will have to pay for your own competition fees, $25 per archer and $15 per team. Only archers with good attendance are allow to take part, and there will not be any trial for this competition, as our main focus is the POLY-ITE competition in Oct, but archers may take part for experiences.

Archers who will like to take part may contact Derrick, and he will compile the list and send it in together. The registration deadline is 15th Sept.

Our usual training will resume this coming Saturday, 8/9/07, 9am in school. All following trainings are compulsory. Archers who are not able to attend any of the trainings please let Benji or me know. Thanks

Ok. have a good rest =)