Monday, September 17

Hi NP Archers,

Seems like there are some misunderstandings about our coming weekdays' training.

Ok, our weekdays' training starts from NEXT WEEK onwards. Archers please try to come for as many trainings as possible, especially those who are participating in the Poly-ITE competition.

The field is booked by the administrator for every Tuesday, Thursday(9-2) and Saturday(9-4) from this week onwards. So archers may feel free to go down to train and need not afraid of outsiders from interfering our trainings anymore.

So this Saturday's training will be as usual, 9am sharp at the field. I will be there too. If raining, gather at the study area.

The Poly-ITE competition may allow up to 3 teams for each category, but to be confirm. So if there is, I will be selecting the 3rd team for standard male category base on the archers attendance and commitment toward the trainings. And also, the C-class category may change to Fita 900 category.

Thank you.