Friday, October 5


I felt that this blog is becoming less lively, so here's something which i hope might intrigue you.
Credits to Chow for the websites, he was the one who passed it to me.
This is an Australian's forum, and it is also my favorite because a lot of people replies to your question. Of course , you'd have to sigh up for this first before you can do anything. It is a little hard to grasp how to post a thread in the beginning, i suggest you to just "trial and error". Just a little more infor on this website- alot of Singaporean archers are an active participant here, also if you are thinking of second hand items, this website is a great place =)
This one is an UK based forum. Which i don't really like because there are too little people in there for discussion(thats what i feel) and also i find it hard to relate what they are trying to say there. They do have some exotic limbs like "boarders" which i have never heard of. One of the best limbs in the world as quoted by the forum.

Just go to the forums whenever you feel that you can't sleep and read what they have to say. Knowledge is power!(thats what i always see on the notice board of my primary school)