Tuesday, October 9

Hi archers,

There is a change to Standard male Team 3, Danny Lim had decided to drop out of the team, and Kenneth Toh will replace him in the team. So Standard male Team 3 will be Jason Koh, Tan Yan Zhi and Kenneth Toh.

I need the Student numbers of some archers urgently:

  • Lim Chun Jun
  • Pay Boon Chong
  • Ong Sui Guang Ranier
  • Chow Mun Tat
  • Danny Chang Show Shin
  • Kenneth Toh
  • Teo Huan Qing
  • Lionel Teo Huat

Please sms me at 98232845 with your Student Number and Full name by Wednesday afternoon. Thanks.

As for this Thursday's Training, archers please try to come on time(9am) as the field is only booked till 12pm.

All archers are to come for this Saturday's Training, 9am at the field. Please be on time. Late comers will do area cleaning. The training will end around 3 or 4pm, with a lunch break around 12.30pm, so please have your breakfast before you come and bring enough water.

See you guys =)