Sunday, October 7

Hi archers

These are the selected teams the for Poly-ITE competition,

Standard Male:

  1. Edi, Lim CJ, Boon Chong
  2. Ranier Ong, Chow MT, Danny Chang
  3. Jason Koh, Tan Yan Zhi, Danny Lim

Standard Female:

  1. Goh Hui Fang, Grace Chan, Lim Yi Shan
  2. Teo Huan Qing, Stacy Chan, Guo Meng Lan

Fita 900 Male:

  1. Si Lie, Derrick Sng, Benjamin Chua
  2. Shawn Chua, Chai Han Loon, Lionel Teo

Fita 900 Female:

  1. Rasmi, Nordiana, Hong Jia Lin

All up coming weekdays and weekend trainings are compulsory for all the selected archers. If any of you are not able to come for any of the training, please kindly inform me.

As for those who are not selected, don't worry, there is another inter-school competition in Nov, so train harder =). You guys may still join us for any of the trainings, but Saturday's trainings are still compulsory.

Please train harder archers, the competition is only in 2 weeks time. And come more punctual for trainings from this week onward. Thanks.

(If any of the soccer players who were at the field Yesterday, and happen to see this, I will like to apologize to you for the harsh words I had said. I am sorry guys.)

Happy Shooting :)