Sunday, October 21

Hi NP archers,

Well done everyone! Congrates to all the winners, as for those who did not perform well during the competition, do not feel sad, there are still lots of competition for you guys to participate in, so let's train harder. :)

So as for the celebration of the club's victory, we will not have any training for the coming Tuesday and Thursday ONLY! Cool?..

We'll resume our training the coming Saturday(27/10/07). But archers are still allow to shoot any day during the week, so all archers please help to book any available slots from maybe 1pm onwards.

I will also like to compile all photos taken during the Pol-ITE competition and send to Ms June. And also put up a link to the photos, so that anyone may grab them.

So any of you may like to send the photos to me through email or MSN. My email address is

Thanks. See you guys =)