Tuesday, November 6

Dear all,

I will not be at the field that often already because of other commitments, i hope you can give your support to your fellow archers who is leading you .

Here's an update to what's gonna happen,

AGM will be held somewhere in February, i will be planning this event and all year 2's will be helping out to make this event a success.

One last thing, the long waited IVP jackets are finally within our reach. I will need to fill in some forms from miss june and wait for it to be processed. Probably about 2 weeks - i hope.

miss june:"Please note that the jackets would only be given to those who have represented and will be representing school in the next competition.

With effect from this year, please note that those who have gotten the jacket before will not be allowed to get the 2nd piece."

Please note that you can only get one IVP jacket in your entire lifetime in NGEE ANN. Treasure it =p

happy shooooting!!