Wednesday, November 14

Hi Archers,

Please take note that all archers who are taking part in this Sunday's PSAC Competition are to bring their competition fee during this Saturday's training.

- Standard Class - $20

- Fita 900 Class - $25

This Saturday's training will be as usual, 9am sharp at the field. Archers who are holding on to the school's jigs, please them down. There will be an equipments inspection, so pls label all your arrows.

As for this Sunday's competition, all participating female Standard Class archers are to report at Hougang MRT control station by 7.20 a.m!

Fita 900 Class male and female, and male Standard Class archers are to reach the competition range by 9.30 a.m.

Attire for the competition will be the Green/Blue Jersey and BLACK shorts or track pants. So try not to wear this jersey for this Saturday's training.

See you all.