Sunday, November 4

Hi NP archers,

The following will be the teams and archers who are participating in the coming PSAC competition 2007:

Standard Male Team 1
- Edi
- Chow
- CJ

Standard Male Team 2
- Jason
- Yan Zhi
- Danny Chang

Standard Female Team 3
- Hui Fang
- Diana
- Grace

Fita 900 Male Team A
- Benji
- Derrick
- Silie

Individual Standard archers:
- Boon Chong
- Zi Jie
- Yi Shan

Individual Fita 900 archers:
- Shawn
- Jia Lin
- Rasmi

The Competition will be held at Punggol Angsana RC, the open field next to Block 543 Hougang Avenue 6, 18th November (Sunday) 2007.

Participating Standard Class archers are to bring $20 ($15 registration fee, $5 Trial Badge fee) each on the competition day.

Fita 900 class archers are to bring $25 ($20 registration fee, $5 Trial Badge fee).

So as mentioned, Tuesday's training will have Danny Lim and Chow taking charge.
Thursday's training will have Danny Chang and Shawn Chua. All archers please cooperate with them. Thanks.

All participating archers are to come down for all trainings unless with valid reason, please inform me.

Thursday training will start at 9am. Please be on time.

Thank you.

Happy shooting =)

- Silie