Tuesday, November 20

Hi NP archers,

Sorry for the late posting.

Thank God for all of us to come back safely. And congrats to all archers, everyone did well despite the 'thunderstorm'.

There will be no weekdays training this week, but our Saturday training will still be as usual. 9am at the field.

There will also not be anymore BBQ this Saturday, it will be postpone till further notice.

All archers who are getting the IVP jackets please bring $11 for the embroidery, and for the seniors who already had the jacket and wants the embroidery, please pass to Grace your jacket by 1pm this Thursday. And bring the money down this Saturday.

Archers who are still holding on to the school's jigs, please return them by this Saturday.

And archers who have any outstanding funds, please settle them by this Saturday too.

So a summary of our winnings:

  • Standard Female 3rd - Hui Fang
  • Standard Female 5th - Grace Chan
  • Standard Female 6th - Diana
  • Standard Female Team silver - Hui Fang, Grace Chan and Diana
  • Standard Female Team bronze - Yi shan (plus another 2 archers)

  • Standard Male 1st - Edi
  • Standard Male 2nd - Chow MT
  • Standard Male 3rd - Lim CJ
  • Standard Male 5th - Ranier Ong
  • Standard Male Team Gold - Edi, Chow MT and Lim CJ
  • Standard Male Team Silver - Ranier Ong, Boon Chong and Zi Jie

  • Fita 900 Female 1st - Rasmi
  • Fita 900 Female 3rd - Hong Jia Lin

  • Fita 900 Male 1st - Silie
  • Fita 900 Male 4th - Derrick Sng
  • Fita 900 Male Team Gold - Silie, Derrick Sng and Shawn Chua

But I'm not very sure whether will there be any trophies for the 4th to 6th positions for Fita 900 and Standard Male .


See you this Saturday. :)