Monday, November 12

There are some stuff i need to inform you guys about.. here goes:

1. AGM-Annual General Meeting; All year 2's will be given certain task to help make this event a successful one. There will be a meeting on this Saturday(17 nov) @ around 2pm- will be held after training.

1.1 I need a volunteer here for the souvenirs , these souvenirs is for those who are stepping down or their last year here in NP archery club.
here are the list of people that are leaving us =(
  1. Hanwei
  2. Thiness Kumar aka Jay
  3. Han Loon
  4. Rasmi
  5. Rainer
  6. Hui Zhen
  7. Bi ling
  8. Emy
  9. Guan Zhao
2. Here are the the post available:

  1. Vice Captain
  2. Public Relations
  3. Secretary
  4. Quarter Master
  5. Treasurer

2. IVP jackets; I have received news that we can collect our IVP jackets by this week . It states there (in the email) very possible. You can put your hopes on it , but not too high. One problem about this is that i will need a volunteer to help put up "NGEE ANN ARCHERY CLUB" on all of the jackets before we can give it out. Please have a willing heart and volunteer. thanks =) We will be collecting $5 for imprinting.(only for those who got the jacket)