Sunday, December 2

Hello NP Archers,

There will not be any training until 15th Dec, the Saturday of the Common Test week. So please come at 9am sharp, at the field.

Archers who have made orders/purchases with Mr Tang may still come down to meet him next Saturday or you may also like to make another arrange with him.

We will have a training camp during the 2 weeks break, most likely the camp will be held from 17/12/07(Monday) to 19/12/07(Wednesday), a 3 days 2 nights camp. Shawn, Grace, Hui Fang, Han loon and myself are assigned to plan out the training schedule. Further details will be updated in the next 2 weeks.

A gentle reminder, archers with low attendance will be remove from the club. I have already noted a few archers who are not very regular. Constantly using work as excuses is not a very valid reason. If any of you are not able to attend any training, please kindly inform the in-charging captains.

And archers who are quitting or quited, please contact Ranier for the returning of the club's equipments. Thanks.

Ok, so the very best to your common tests and projects!

Play hard, Study hard.

- silie