Wednesday, December 26

Heyy fellow archers,

Here are the updates for AGM.

Date:29 Dec 2007/ Saturday

Time:10am (danny chang, you forgot to add this on the invitational cards.)


Dress Code:Semi Formal

Male:Top-long sleeve formal shirt


Shoes:whatever you feel like wearing;no slippers please.


Bottom-skirt or jeans( you can choose not to wear anything) joking!!

Shoes-Anything; no slippers.

Now, I would like to bring to your attention that we have a certain budget for this AGM. And this budget can be used for a buffet at AGM or a BBQ some other day. We have decided to used the budget for BBQ because of obvious reasons.

We would like to chip some money to get little snacks for the Directors and leavers to eat. Not for us =( unless there are extras. (Danny , just watch your appetite for that day.) So guys, i implore each and everyone to bring $2 for this coming friday training. Leavers are not expected to chip in since it is your "day". But you can still chip in if you want to.

silie: Archers who are interested in the 2008 National Team selection, pls visit the AAS website for more information. As for the 4 juniors who are going for the WJC selection, pls email the in-charge.

silie: The ZH upper range will also be open to the public, so those who are interested in the selections, pls write in to AAS for permission to shoot. Thank you.

jialin: Archers,pls bring $2 on friday. It's for getting some desserts for our guests and seniors on AGM. We might be holding a bbq some other day instead of a buffet on AGM. Pls help 2 pass tis msg arnd.Thx!