Monday, January 21

Dear archers,

For this coming weekdays training, please train harder for your 30m because this Saturday, we will hold a
30m official score taking session. Please give accurate scores.

An official score taking session will be held once every month to see how you progress. This will be recorded and everyone of you will be ranked. You are expected to do better with each score taking session. I will explain more about this on this coming Saturday's training.Take this Saturday's session as a platform for future shooting.

You guys will be shooting 2 sets of 30m, using 122 target face. Open class archers 80.

Our club is now in a situation where everyone are getting metal/carbon bows, and 70% of us are using "stabs" . Silie and I will be going through filtering to see who officially supposed to train with stabs and who to train with standard bows. We have to understand that our club cannot have 70% archers training for open class. Who else is there left to fight in the standard than?

I will brief more on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Study hard and shoot well.

please help to book the field for this sat =)