Sunday, January 27

Dear archers,

I believe that you guys know about the evaluation of the coaches Ms June will have with us,so it has been decided that we'll go with the meeting this coming Monday 28.01.2008 instead of Thursday.

The meeting will be held at the sdar office which is a level above the multi-purpose hall(level 3) facing the main field.We'll be meeting at canteen 2 at 1650 for those who come after that,just go straight to sdar office.

It seems that most of us are having a inner conflict on which coach to settle on,since our choice will stay with us for a long period of time.I strongly suggest that everyone should at least spent some time reflecting on which coach to choose rather than following the majority.

Having second thoughts after making this choice means bad news.So choose wisely.

ps:Archers please help to book the field for next Saturday's training.Which is also our last training till after the exams.

Shoot hard,study hard but don't break your parent's heart.