Sunday, January 20

Dear Archers,

I believe you guys had FUN these few days, though it was exhausting as well (phew). That is why I would like to thank all those who have put in the effort to ensure the success of Open house.

Our appreciations to Shawn, our in-charge for the event, the girls, and those who helped out in every way, especially with the decoration of the booth and the transportation of our equipments.

I hope what we did would have promoted our club and made us more prominent in Ngee Ann.

Thank you once again. =)

-Jia lin

Here are some mottoes for our club, please vote for one.

  1. "The X is in sight. Take it down."

  2. "The target is clear"

  3. "Accuracy surpasses strength"

  4. "What's your point?"

  5. "ATTITUDE matters!"

  6. "The best has yet to come"

  7. "5% equipments, 95% ARCHER"

  8. "Where champions are trained!"
I need to submit the motto tomorrow. Please tag your choice in the tag box.

And here are some photos from the NP Open House 2008. =)

Where Champion are trained!

Thanks the help in decorating the booth people.

When you see girl(s) walking pass behind the boards, please stop them! Not just look at them and do nothing!

Note the different?

Haiz. Its C.J after all. lol

So CUTE!!!

NPAC's ah-do! LOL


oi QM see that? LOL!

Whats wrong with YiShan?

I wonder what was our photographer trying to take? Nice shot anyway! lol

I know I will become a good father. =P


No offence people. =P

See you all soon!