Wednesday, January 16

Dear Archers,

Please take note that Shawn Chua, aka Wanderer, is the in-charge for this coming Open House event. Please give him your cooperation to make this event a successful one.

And please be reminded that SAFETY is the most important,

  • make sure that no one pass by from behind the shooting boards,
  • guide the public and make sure that their arrows will not fly out of the safety net and
  • also that no one is suppose to load their arrow when someone is in front.

All archers with full stabs are to bring them down for display and are also require to do some demo shoot, the demo shoot is not for you to show off, it is for you to see how you will perform under stress, when so many eyes are staring at you when you are shooting. Other archers will be optional, but it will be nice if you can try the demo shoot too.

As for the attire, Thursday and Friday will be any NP Archery shirt. And Saturday, all are to wear the green/blue jersey with black shorts/track pants. Covered shoes for the days.

Lastly, please bring your trophies/medals down tomorrow.

Thank you and see you =)