Monday, January 14

Dear archers,

Remember to bring your trophies and medals with your names labeled on them;and bows with full stabs this Wednesday for the Open House this coming Thursday.

One more thing i wanna add is that no slippers are allowed.Only covered shoes.To give the visitors an awesome impression so that's what they say that is.

Also for those who are interested in participating in the NTU Open cum IVP,please give me your exam dates for your final year exam. AND your GPA(s) for all your past semster(s). Also include your average GPA. Everything printed would be greatly appreciated.

I NEED those submitted to me BY TOMORROW. Archers who are unable to submit to me will not be allowed to enter the competition. Ms June needs them to do her evaluation to let us know who's eligible to go and who's not.

Thanks and happy shooting =)