Sunday, February 10

Hi Archers,

Sorry, there are some changes to the Training Camp again.

For this coming Training Camp, we'll have a stay-out camp instead, as we are unable to get rooms for us to overnight.

Meaning, every morning we'll gather, then after the day of training, we'll dismiss and go home then come back the next day again. It will be a 4-days camp. And we'll stick back to the initial dates, 25.02.08(Monday) to 28.02.08(Thursday).

Further details or any changes will be posted up soon. But these dates are confirmed.

So try to keep these few days free. And a reminder, this Training Camp is complusory for all competitive archers. Anyone who are not able to attend this Camp, please kindly email to the Jialin, Benjamin Chua and myself, with valid reasons why you are not able to attend. (email addresses in the previous entry)


All the best for your Exams!