Monday, April 21

Dear Archers,

Last reminders on those who've yet to tell me if you want to go for the gym workz orientation,if you fail to do so,it will affect your chances of participating in the up coming competition due to the lack of responsibility and proper attitude.

So there will not be any training this coming Tuesday but compulsory trainings on Thursday and Saturday.This coming Saturday,there'll be 2 rounds of 18m competition style,while the Freshmen are having their BAC.Followed by a lunch break and another Fun Shoot for the NSS club.The freshmen will be joining in too,if they want to that is.

FYI:The trials will only be a gauge of the people going for the competition,which means we'll be taking scores every week to see each archer's progress and decide on the final team at a later date.Thus you are suppose to come for every training.

And also,we've decided on a new system for late-comers,everytime an archer's late,we'll stop whatever we're doing and have the punishment on the spot.

Communication seems to be lacking in the club lately,so i suggest that we have an outing next Saturday.We'll watch movie together yeah..?I'll confirm with you guys the details this weekend.