Sunday, April 20

For Seniors only


Great job for the efforts in the Fun Shoot.

The BAC will be held this week if George is available. We will keep each and everyone involved if help is needed at this event.

Meanwhile training this Thursday will be score taking (like what we did on sat). Please try to be at the field early and set up bows fast. For those who have a habit of shooting short distances before score taking, i suggest you to also set bow up even faster.

Registration for Sembawang deadline: 11th May

SRRR : 30th April

This Saturday will be our trials for both the SRRR and Sembawang shoot. The outing that we spoke about previously will be postponed to a further date. Competition date for both are on the 24th May.

Our trainings for Thursdays and Saturdays are compulsory (year 3's are excused).

Please print out your timetable from your house or student service centre and pass it to me on the field this Thursday by 8pm. (For every "one" timetable less that i recieved, we will do 15 push ups)