Tuesday, April 15

Fun Shoot

Fun Shoot
  • 0930/1230 CJ & Danny Chang at NP bus stop.

  • 0945 /1245 Freshmen starts streaming in, but do not move ahead to bring them to the field first.

  • 1000 /1300 Either CJ or Danny to bring the whole group over, one person will stay behind to wait for latecomers.

  • 1015/1315 Briefing starts @ the LT77 ( outside life science area)

  • 1030/1330 Shooting Starts

  • 1115/1415 SWAP (there will be 2 kinds of shooting on that day Cloud and Target)

  • 1200/1500 Mini- Competition

  • 1215 ~ 1245 Lunch Break for us (lets try to have someone pack food for us)

  • 1515 At the end of the day, we will have 1 round of score taking 18m before we call it a day.


  • Shawn Chua - INCHARGE
  • CJ


  • Grace - INCHARGE
  • Zi Jie
  • Chow
  • Aishah
  • Jason


  • HuiFang - INCHARGE


  • Danny Chang - INCHARGE
  • Yishan
  • Stacy

This is important:

ALL SENIOR ARCHERS ARE TO WEAR BLUE JERSEY AND WHITE SHORTS WITH HATS.(We will have group punishment in front of the newbies if anyone fails to wear them.)

All Seniors will meet at 9am at the field for Briefing. No more late coming otherwise will be dealt with accordingly.