Wednesday, April 2


I hope everyone had a great holiday, too bad it will end in a week's time . Training will start as normal when school reopens. The target boards will probably be here soon before we start the 3rd week of school.

When i went back to school last week, i notice that there were nothing done to the field except our boards being damaged. It seems that our boards has been used as a back stop for soccer players . It was placed behind their goal post in a line and obviously to prevent the ball from going further so that they do not have to run far to retrieve it. It's always like that every time we go back from our holidays. If anyone has any ideas how we can overcome this problem in the future, tag on the board.

Both QM's, this means that you will need to organize a day to repair the boards.

Zheng Hua will not be supplying target sheets for us anymore. I will discuss with the the captains tomorrow whether the school will put up some target. As for now, i suggest you go to one dollar shop and get a roll of masking tape .