Sunday, April 20

Hello to all freshmen!

we've hoped that you have enjoyed the fun shoot on Saturday and we thank you for coming down.

For those who have signed up for the BAC (Basic Archery Course), it will start this Saturday, 26/04/2008. There will be 4 lessons in total, costing 40 bucks and you are to pay when you report at 9am at Blk 50 field where we had our fun shoot.

The 4 lessons will be held over a span of 4 weeks, on Saturdays only. It'll be best to not miss any of it. For those who already have the BAC certificate, please bring it down on that Saturday itself.

As for those who are interested to join our club but did not go for the fun shoot, you may come down on Thursday, 24/04/2008 at 5pm to try out a few shots and decide whether to attend the BAC. This BAC is a MUST for those who want to be an archer of any club.

If you have any queries, direct to Grace ( or Shawn ( 93259256). Thank you.