Friday, May 16

Courses for Seinors

HI All,

Pleased to inform that Peter Bourke, World champion Archer, will be in town for a short visit from 15 may to 26 may 2008. Whilst here, he is prepared to help archers to think and shoot better.

In view of this, i have decided to put together a few programmes that will be suitable for most of you. this training is by invitation only:

Program 1: Basic Compound Course
Monday 19 May to Wednesday 21 May
6.30 pm to 10.30 pm
FAAC Office
25 Woodlands Industrial Park E1
#06 - 03
Singapore 757743

This course is very suitable for those who are contemplating switiching or taking up compound shooting. Peter will cover the basics of compound shooting, understanding your equipment, basic tuning, fault correction and personal bow tune up. Good course for beginners. Strongly recommended for all our compound shooters.
Course fee: $120/- for the 3 evenings.

Program 2: String Making and essential recurve bow tuneups
Thursday, 23 may 2008
7.00 to 10.30 pm
FAAC Office at Woodlands
Fee: $40 per archer

This course is to capitalise on Peter's string making expertise as he makes all his own competition strings and he is prepared to share his secrets with you. Peter will also spend some time looking at your bow setup and advise you on the tuneups needed if any.

Program 3: Intermediate Archery
Sunday 18 May 2008
1500 to 1800 hrs
Teck Whye Range

This program is planned for those archers who would like to improve on their style of shooting especially over the medium distances like the 30 and 50 m targets. Suitable for both the recurve and compound shooters. $40 an archer.

Program 4: Private Coaching
Please arrange directly with Peter when he is here. Peter will work one on one with you if you so wishes or in groups of 2 or more individuals. form your own group and learn from the man who has been to many world championships and who will be shooting in the US and Europe over the next 2 months. Rates will vary from $80 an hour to 4120 an hour depending on the work to be done and the duration.

Program 5: Using Ontarget21 to help find your arrow spines, tuneups, etc.
Computer modelling with Ontarget2 software

Peter will conduct computer aided Bow and shaft modelling for selection and tuning purposes of your equipment. Fees for one bow and arrow setup SG$20 per setup

For information on Peter's qualifications and competition resume please visit his web site

Guys, FAAC is not making a cent out of thes programs. We are merely doing it as a favour to the many FAAC archers and friends. In fact, we are subsidising his visit so that you can all benefit from it. If other world champions are available we will also make all efforts to secure their services.

Please sign up soonest so that we can form up the classes and get things moving.

apologies for the short notices but his travel plans and also my busy schedule are factors beyond our control.


Coach George

These courses are for Seniors only and if you are interested, please email me. This course is by invitational only. Please look through and think about it. Do not worry about prices , i may be able to get some discounts.