Wednesday, May 14


"First of all, make up your mind to succeed, for that is one of the best elements of success in everything; and second, expect plenty of difficulties and discouragements, for you will be sure to meet with them. It is not easy to become great in anything, and archery forms no exception to the rule. Do not go hunting for a royal road to the bull's eye - none such exists - you must work hard and practise regularly before even moderate success will reward your efforts. Use your brains as well as your muscles - study as well as practice. Brute force alone will never make an archer. Above all, do not fancy yourself a first-rate shot, when you are only a muff - nothing will so much tend to keep you one all your days as this. A mistaken vanity is the very bane of all improvement."

Horace Ford-1856

(World's Best Archer at that time)

I feel that those words of Horace Ford says it all.. This is directed more to the Juniors who feel that it is boring because they do not get to shoot with real bows on the weekdays training. All of these excerises are part of the process to get you to the top or at least an average archer.

This Saturday will be your late BAC and those who show consistent attendance will be issued a bow set from the club. (not sure when issuing the bow) For those who missed some of the BAC lessons, it is your responsibility to make sure that you completed all 4, not ours. And at the end of the BAC when you did not receive your BAC Cert , it will be because you did not complete the sessions.

( seniors training for this sunday coming up)