Friday, May 9

Hi fellow archers,

As you know, the people that used to lead the club are in their Year3s; Silie, Benjamin, JiaLin.

New Blood will need to take over the club soon in a year's time. I hope everyone can stay together and keep the club going and give respect to those who will be leading you in the future.

Shawn and Grace will be organizing the coming camp. If you feel that you have a talent at games or maybe leading everyone at games, do feel free to volunteer yourself out and be part of the team. I will be emphasizing on this : All Seniors will be involved with the camp one way or another.

I hope to see more people in the club
taking initiative. It can be simple things, for example when you go to shoot at the field early, and you do not see target sheets or shooting line being put up, you can ask a friend to follow you down to take the items.

These are small things that go a long way =)

After the camp, we have the planning of the POLITE to handle, lets stay strong together and bring Ngee Ann Archery Club glory.