Monday, May 5

POL-ITE 2008

Hi everyone!

As you might already know, POL-ITE will be organized by NPAA this year, and will be held some time in Oct. To ensure things run smoothly, we should start planning early and therefore, an organizing committee will be formed for this event. The people involved in organizing POL-ITE will not necessarily be the current EXCO members. Things like competing distances, placing of winners to award, judges to hire blah blah blah will be decided by the organizing committee. Further notice will be given latest by next week.

I would expect everyone to come together to put your best in this event as it is an opportunity for us to grow as a club. This will also test how well we work as a team. It is a breakthrough for us as it is the first time we are actually in charge of a big scale event. Communication is imperative so I hope everyone can be professional about it and put our differences aside to complete this at the best of our abilities.

I believe that as competitive archers, you guys should be well aware of what often lacks in competitions and how to improve on those areas now that it is our turn.

Well, till then, train hard! =)