Wednesday, August 13

Please Pay Up.

Dear all,

It has come to my attention that our Ngee Ann Archers have ordered equipment from Mr Tang and have not paid up the full amount.

Our Archery Club has always been prompt in our payment : we order we pay on the spot(if not the following week).

There is a growing trend when making an order from Mr Tang : What happens is that archer orders the equipment and decides to pay in installment.
And when Mr Tang brings the equipment to you (after many phone calls pestering him when it is coming ) , he expects payment for the job he's done. And you tell him that you can't pay him and pay in installment, imagine how he feels, though he says it's okay.

My whole point is:
  1. Order the equipment only when you have the ability to pay the full amount.
  2. If you intend to pay by installment, let him know before hand and not let him think he is receiving money on that day he brings the equipment down. ( I strongly do not recommend you to do the installment way)
  3. Whatever money that our Ngee Ann Archers still owe, please pay up ASAP. This is to avoid complications.
Our archers have been always prompt in payment. I do not wish to see our image being portrayed badly. Please pay up everything ASAP .

Meanwhile being exam week still, please study hard.