Friday, August 29

Dear Archers,

Hope you guys had enjoy the camp and have enough rest. Please do take care of yourself, don't let yourself to fall sick before the Pesta Sukan competition. And thanks to Benji, for all the memorable pictures taken during the camp. =D

As for the Pesta Sukan competition which will be this weekend, the reporting time will be:

- Novice Class(D20m) and Open Class (Full Fita): 7.30 am

- Intermediate Class (50m and 30m): 9.00 am

And the attire for both days will be:

- Open Class (Full Fita): Blue Jersey with Black shorts/pants

- Intermediate Class (50m and 30m): Blue Jersey with Black shorts/pants

- Novice Class(D20m): White Camp Tee with Black shorts/pants

All other non-competing archers are require to come down and support the rest on Sunday, it will be optional for Saturday. Supporters are to come down in any NP Archery related shirt and report at Zhenghua Range by 9.00 am.

Competing archers please make sure you have enough rest tonight and probably you will like to bring some energy bars, sport drink and etc. food for the competition as usually during competition you will use up more energy compare to normal training. And all are to bring at least a bottle of drink and a towel (to cover your sight). You may like to bring extra towel to dry your equipments after each day if it rain.

And bring along extra shirts to change after the competition and jacket if you are afraid of cold weather. Girls may like to bring extra dark colour shirts.

Thank you.

And all the best. See ya tomorrow. =D


We are more than archers, we are HUNTERS!