Sunday, August 24

Hi Archers,

As you all know, the Training Camp is tomorrow, please gather at NP Bus Stop by 0759 SHARP. Late comers will probably get to 'enjoy' the camp even more. =)

Please report in your white Camp-T. And seniors, please bring your yellow training jersey for the trekking trip.

Please take note that we probably will be shooting under rainy condition, so get yourself prepare with any medication which you may need, a few towels(for equipments and yourself), extra pair of shoe (if you think you need), many pairs of socks, rain coat(for trekking), dark colour shirts(especially for girls), plastic bags(for keeping your valuables in case if it rains), jacket and any other stuffs which you may need.

You are allow to bring along your laptops or any entertainments if you want to, however, you will have to be responsible for your own valuables. You guys may like to lock up your bags when we leave the rooms. the rooms assignment will be decide tomorrow.

So see ya. =D